Why choose MWC Constructions?

Our dedicated team of professionals are here to make your dream home a reality. We take pride in our high quality of service and delivery. From project conception to completion, we can ensure you that you’ll be supported with complete transparency throughout your entire house journey.

Are there any restrictions on projects?

At MWC Constructions no idea is too farfetched! Where possible, we will do our utmost to ensure designs are created with your specifications in mind. We take pleasure in our ability to adapt our designs to our clients’ budgets and family requirements, ensuring that the project is both cost-effective to construct, maintain and operate in the long run.

What areas do you cover?

Our team operate Sydney-wide, inclusive of all areas within Greater Sydney.

What’s the difference between a DA and a CDC?

A Development Application (also known as a DA) is a request for permission to carry out a development to your local council. A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is an alternative to this that addresses a more clear set of requirements. CDCs are frequently approved in faster time than DAs, however they can only be obtained for specific types of development. For each of these sorts of permission, each Council has its own set of requirements. When deciding which road to take, it’s advisable to get council opinion as well as the advise of a building certifier.

How long does it take it to gain Council approval?

It is difficult to provide an estimated timeline for council approval as there are often multiple applications a day. This being said, many local Councils now provide a DA tracker that will allow you to track the DA as it moves through the stages of examination.

How long will it take for my project to be completed?

Every project is different therefore a generic lead time cannot be provided.

An expected project duration inclusive of a completion date will be discussed with your dedicated Project Manager during the initial briefing stages.

Have Further Questions?

Please feel free to send us a message with any questions or queries you might have.